Best Wired RGB Gaming Headphones India

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Best Wired RGB Gaming Headphones India | Buy on Amazon

The Cloak has an amazing 3 RGB LED light effect on ear-ups. Play all your games, Kill your enemy in style with the RedGear Cloak. Amazing Auto adjustable Headband Auto adjustment headbands specially designed for your gaming needs.

Best Wired RGB Gaming Headphones India

Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Gaming Headphones with Microphone for PC

The Cloak has an Omni-directional microphone that can be used as per you gaming situation. Just put it up if not in use, this helps you to avoid any damage and increase the durability of the microphone.

Volume Controller - Easy to Control, Easy to Kill Control your volume more easily. Just scroll up and down for low and high sounds. A cloak helps you to control your volume more easily. The built-in controller, located on the left ear-cup

Product Features :

  • Sound Quality: Redgear Cloak comes equipped with a 50mm Driver with Enhanced audio bass and clarity which dramatically improves your in-game sound experience.
  • Microphone: It comes equipped with an Omni-directional microphone which can be used as per your gaming situation. You can just put it up if it is not in use.
  • Build Quality: Its luxurious noise-isolating memory foam earpads and adjustable split headband reduce pressure and provide optimal comfort for long gaming sessions.
  • Other Features: This headset has an amazing RGB LED light effect on ear-ups and the tip of the microphone. 
  • It also comes equipped with volume control, so just scroll up or down to adjust it.

Product Reviews :

  • It also has amazing bass to it..but you have to lower it in the sound setting when you have to play games like pubg..I hear footsteps and can recognize where the sound of bullet is coming from...this headphone has improved my gameplay..the headphone is not that start you feel heavy but after 10 min you will feel nothing...amazing good quality headphones at lowest price.
  • Great headphones for the price (799Rs is what I paid) plz don't spend more than that. the ear cups are large (and yes the circumference of my ears is huge hahaha) and comfortable. Earlier I had bought the cosmicbyte one (Rs1200) and they had small earcups so wearing it for one cs go compi match was a painful experience.if you don't have a headphone or if you are in search of a good not so expensive headgear I would suggest go for it. The inbuilt mic is also very clear.( I personally use an mb800 condenser mic).

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