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Best Gaming Headphones For Mobile USA 2021

Best Gaming Headphones For Mobile USA 2021

ASUS RGB Gaming Headset ROG Delta | Mobile Gaming | Gaming Headphones

Best Gaming Headphones For Mobile USA 2021

Best Gaming Headphones For Mobile | Buy on Amazon

  • CLEAR HIGHS & PUNCHY BASS - The Delta ROG Gaming Headset feature exclusive ASUS Essence drivers with Audio Signal Diversion Technology and airtight chamber so you hear every detail with utmost precision
  • ASUS ROG Delta RGB Gaming headphone with Hi-Res ESS Quad-DAC delivers an impressive 127 db SNR for impeccably detailed & true-to-life audio that gives serious gamers a competitive edge by immersing them in powerful sound unmatched by other gaming headsets 
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT - Ergonomic D-shaped angled ear cups offer a snug fit during gaming marathons. Headphones includes thicker Hybrid cushion for long hours, & a thinner, softer protein leather cushion for on-the-go use
  • CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY - Featuring a USB-C connector and a USB-C to USB 2.0 adapter for PC, Mac
  • ON POINT STYLE - ROG Delta wired headphones with mic feature a classy circular rainbow RGB lighting effect that lets you set your unique style. Includes a detachable, unidirectional boom microphone with an indicative flashlight at the tip

Best Gaming Headphones For Mobile Discription

ROG Delta White Version features a hi-fi-grade ESS 9218 quad DAC that provides impeccably consistent and accurate sound to offer serious gamers the competitive advantage they need. ROG Delta White Edition has a USB-C port which has a USB-C to USB 2.0 converter, allowing you to game on your PC, console, and handheld computer without swapping headsets. A one-of-a-kind circular rainbow RGB lighting effect offers a fashionable look that will set you apart on the battlefield.

Hyper-Grounding is ROG's exclusive technology, which utilizes a multi-layer PCB and a special layout design to prevent electromagnetic interference, resulting in pure, noise-free audio. Due to this innovative technology, ROG Delta White Edition is the gaming headset with RGB lighting that is able to include an ESS Quad DAC and unlock its full potential to provide gamers rich, powerful sound.

Four ESS 9218 DACs offer lossless audio processing, with each DAC devoting its processing power to a portion of the audible frequency spectrum, from lows, mids, peaks, and ultra-highs. The four signals are then mixed, resulting in a smoother sound with a 127-dB SNR. As a result, you can hear and position in-game sounds with pinpoint precision, helping you to accurately judge enemy size, footsteps direction, gunshot positions, and more. For a true-to-life audio experience, hear every detail and appreciate clean, consistent music.

In Best Gaming Headphones For Mobile, The signal-to-noise ratio is an important specification for gaming headsets, particularly in first-person shooter games. A higher SNR helps you to accurately detect the direction of enemy footsteps or gunfire or explosions on the battlefield. ROG Delta White Edition's quad-DAC architecture allows it to achieve an unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio of 127 dB, a rating unrivaled by single-DAC gaming headsets.

The unique ASUS Essence drivers have been upgraded with Audio Signal Diversion technology for ROG Delta White Edition, creating a circular wall that helps isolate high, low, and medium frequency sounds, eliminating distortion between frequency ranges for purer and smoother audio. Furthermore, the drivers have a 20–40kHz frequency response to deliver extremely deep bass and enhanced gaming sound, allowing you to hear every detail while having an all-around immersive acoustic experience.

Best Gaming Headphones For Mobile Technical Specifications :

  • Brand: ASUS
  • Color: WHITE
  • Connectivity: Technology Wired
  • Series: ROG Delta White
  • Form Factor: On-Ear

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